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About Us

About Us
Picture in your mind, it is the early part of the twentieth century, the tired miners walking slowly from the pit head, carrying their lamps and checks, their faces blackened, bodies aching after working a long, tortuous shift deep in the bowels of the earth, their throats dry from the coal dust. Somewhere within this mass of men, a single voice starts singing 'Myfanwy'. Within a few seconds the valley is ringing with the sound of male voices raised in song. It is from such a group of men that Cwm Male Choir was originally formed.
The origins of Cwm Male Choir can be traced back to the 1920’s. At this time, a group of miners from the Graig (later Marine) Colliery formed a male voice choir that was known as the Cwm Apollo Choir. During the 1940's a choir from the neighbouring Waunlwyd Colliery amalgamated with the Cwm Apollo Choir and the amalgam became known as the Waun-Cwm Gleemen. This name was used until 1965 when the Choir took on its’ present title.
The choir is committed to supporting and raising money for charities and other good causes and was established to cover the health, welfare, leisure and cultural needs of people within our local community whilst promoting the learning, presentation and the creation of interest in choral singing in the best tradition, standards and achievements of male choirs in Wales. In addition to providing fundraising services to charities and to further the learning of music within our local area, the choir actively encourages local young musicians and singers to participate in concerts to provide opportunities to perform to live audiences. Joining a choir is recommended for camaraderie, a great social life, a healthy lifestyle and longevity. It is the choir's endeavour to carry out the advice of the 17th Century composer, Dr. William Byrd "that every man would sing, for singing is so good a thing."
We practise every Monday and Thursday 7.00 - 9.00 (except Bank Holidays) at the CMC Hall, William Street, Cwm, NP23 7TH.
Visitors are always welcome.

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