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Have you ever considered joining a male voice choir?
Here are a few commonly held misconceptions:

·I don’t think I can sing.
   You will never know unless you try.
·I would find having a ‘voice test’ very embarrassing.
   At Cwm Male Choir, we do not have a formal voice test.
·My voice seems to be either too high or too low to sing anything properly.
   Male choirs sing in four different vocal ranges, one of these will suit your voice.
·Choirs are very ‘old fashioned’ and wear dreary uniforms.
   Not true. Our choir has five different uniforms, three of those being in vibrant modern colours.
·I can’t read music.
   It is not necessary to be able to read music, only a few of our choristers can.
·I’m too young.
   Again, not true, we had one member who joined when he was 16!
·I’m too old,
   Our older members, some 80+ years old would strongly disagree!
·The music is old and boring.
   Whilst there is the need to keep traditional male voice music alive, the vast majority of what we sing is
   popular/show music.
·I could never learn all those songs.
   Many new members thought this, it just comes naturally.
·It’s not really my scene.
   If you decided to try it for a short time, we believe that you would be pleasantly surprised.
·It’s boring,
   The choir has a very active social life, we have arranged group holidays, theatre trips, and have regular social evenings etc.
Reasons for joining Cwm Male Choir:
·you will become involved in a pastime that allows you to meet many new friends from around the country.
·as a member of the choir, you can helpto raise desperately needed funds for many charitable causes.
·you will discover the friendship and camaraderie that is the core of all male choirs.
·the choir has travelled extensively across the UK as well as Europe.
·we are sure that you will enjoy yourself!

It is the choir's endeavour to carry out the advice of the 17th Century composer, Dr. William Byrd "that every man would sing, for singing is so good a thing".

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